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James Monroe enjoyed hashish?

Our fifth President openly smoked hashish throughout his time as the US Ambassador to France and continued to do so pretty regularly until he passed away.

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Depictions of Stoned People on TV are Ridiculous!

The ironic thing about the way TV sitcoms portray stoned people so completely inaccurately, is that there are surely only very few writers, producers or directors in LA that have not been stoned, and thereby know what it actually looks like. Since what it actually looks like isn’t very funny unless over-exaggerated and embellished, what they write and produce are customarily very poor caricatures of stoned people.
    some marijuana users go to work high - still do their jobs well
  • Yes, many stoned people get the munchies. Chocolate chip cookies is the classic 'go to' munchy food, but anything goes. However, stoned people do not forget that they are human and start shoveling food in their mouths, or set up six course meals, or eat dog biscuits.

  • Yes, many stoned people get silly. Usually funny things just seem funnier than they really are. Sometimes friends can get off on silly word games or voices or phrases (that's what she said) and a straight person watching them might wonder 'what in the hell is so funny?' However, stoned people are not removed from their intellect and reduced to babbling fools. Many people go to work every day stoned, go shopping stoned, go to the movies stoned, and you never know the difference. If you are in a busy restaurant or shopping mall, chances are excellent that someone right around you is high!

  • Most stoned people can pull it together when they need to. Stoned people are not out of control, unable to stifle a giggle or a guffaw or some other 'cat-out-of-the-bag' ridiculous behavior.

  • Most stoned people are not 'out of it completely' and uncommunicative. There is a MUCH greater chance that a stoned person will talk your ear off about what he considers to be some very serious and enlightened shit, than that he will be spaced out.

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