the bible clearly states the plant called hemp is proper for Christians to use for food, medicine, and enjoyment (Gen. 1:12).2 In Genesis 1:29–31, the Bible further indicates that all herbs are given for food.
DEA Changes Tune
DEA finally removes misinformation about marijuana from its website. The change comes after Americans for Safe Access filed a legal request with the Department of Justice in December 2016, demanding that the DEA update and remove factually inaccurate information about cannabis from their website and materials.

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Supply Always Meets Demand if Possible

Because the government has insisted on villainizing and criminalizing marijuana for the past hundred years, even in states in which it is still illegal, pot is easy to get. After decades of networking and widespread supply meeting demand, even someone that is ‘squeaky clean’ and has never done any drugs at all would probably only have to ask one or two friends about getting some pot before a friend knew a friend or someone that was a friend of a friend. This definitely includes young people.

='marijuana With the effects of marijuana described and depicted so very differently from industry to industry and professional to professional whether advocate or antagonist, any statement of the effects of marijuana as they specifically relate to children and young adults must be taken with shakers and shakers of salt, as the sometimes already-irrational opinions about marijuana mixed with the emotion that accompanies any discussion of kids is never going to reach a finish line of objectivity.

Twenty-first century kids are under so much pressure to get good grades and do all the other stuff that they hope will help them get into a good college, that they constantly need their faculties about them just to survive. And kids need sleep; they don’t need to be staying up late partying and then pounding evil energy drinks for breakfast just to get them through the school day. Hopefully parents can find a way to incentivize our future leaders to wait until after high school graduation to get high, if they are inclined to do so.
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